#008: TheFLOWmarket

TheFLOWmarket: tolerance at 50 Kroner

TheFLOWmarket is like a supermarket except that everything it sells is enclosed in super minimalist white packaging with clean text. And they are all empty.

“A new consumer market based on values is expanding rapidly, where the materialistically rich consumer increasingly judges products and services on their immaterial values and level of sustainability.”

While it is a functioning shop, the main purpose of the FLOWmarket is to inform visitors about environmental and social issues and to inspire designing sustainable growth.

TheFLOWmarket: exploitation free produce at 75 Kroner

“A FLOWproduct is characterised by providing healthy solutions on both the individual, the collective and the environmental level.”

The products are split into three areas, ‘individual’, ‘collective’ and ‘environmental’, covering issues such as obesity, addiction, consumerism and exploitation. The exhibition really makes subtle suggestions about the problems with how the Western world is living. You can buy a box of ‘choice makers’ or a product called ‘how to feel oneself’. The commercial society we live in conditions people to feel like they are never happy and always have another goal to reach. Teenagers develop into young adults without the skills to make their own choices.

Everyone has the opportunity to be famous. Everything must have a meaning. How do I find my identity?

TheFLOWmarket: clean air
Can you put a price on clean air?

“There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”
- Marshal McCullan

Often when we buy products what we are missing is simply an appreciation of the whole. The FLOW brand is concerned with holistic design, self-sufficient consumer products and sustainable growth.

TheFLOWmarket shop/exhibition is currently on display at the Danish Design Center in Copenhagen as a permanent fixture. It may also appear near you; it has already appeared in other locations around the world including New York, Taiwan and Switzerland.

The Flow Market
The Flow Institute
Danish Design Center

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