#022: 100% Design 2007

yoyopop! stealthed into this trade-only design expo in order to salvage info on the craziest new designs just for you.

We waded through everything from chairs made of toilet paper to lights that were also fans, a ’sperm’ table, a black chandelier, a chair made of tennis balls, a horrifically skeletal staircase, karaoke booths and of course all the suited bigwigs, to bring you just the coolest and best stuff.

First off though just got to say two of the coolest things at the show were also the only two times that you weren’t allowed to take photos so we’re calling out all those pompous cats that think they don’t need free publicity!

Earl's Court 2
Earl’s Court 2 (only half the show!)
KLH had a very cool stand. It was more boring inside.
indoor fabric garden by JAM & Ted Baker
the indoor fabric garden (collaboration between JAM and Ted Baker)

Ali Siahvoshi - coat hanger, table leg and umbrella lights from this London-based Iranian designer.

Ali Siahvoshi's 'cascading hanger' light
‘cascading hanger’
Tranlogue light
these very cool airLUCE lights by Tranlogue use hidden LEDs to light up the acrylic

Zmapping have modelled the entirety of central London digitally, and then ‘printed’ out physical models using some kind of magical dust layering. Watch their video with their special ’stereo’ glasses on to see it in 3D.

here’s Waterloo Station!
Metropol Parasol, Seville
a 1:50 model here of Metropol Parasol, Seville. Designed by Jürgen Mayer H, the largest timber member is 2.5m deep and 25m long!
Wickersley Northfield Primary School
awesome use of timber at Wickersley Northfield Primary School by Rotherham Construction Partnership, a Wood Awards nominee
RD4S chair by Cohda
RD4S chair by Cohda

The centrepiece of the show was this lighting & sculpture installation by Dominic Bromley at Scabetti:

Scabetti lighting installation
close-up of the Scabetti installation
those fishies up close

Danish designers showing their skills in timber with some… erm… things.

Danish design
'stick chair' by Carlo Volf
this is a chair!!?? The ’stick chair’ by Carlo Volf
'The Big Apple' by Henriette W. Leth
‘The Big Apple’ by Henriette W. Leth, this one looks more comfortable

some scary chairs!

crazy chair by Patrick Jouin
this one by Patrick Jouin
Eloueini & Brument's prototype chair
“sintered SLS polyamide powder” apparently, by Eloueini & Brument
Louise Jones' tree coat stand
cool tree-esque coat-hanging tower by Louise Jones
close-up of tree coat stand
the tree in detail

Roger Vilder’s ‘Anamorphose 5′ - an arrangement of springs and rotating armatures to explore the illusion of perspective with unique geometric patterns being continually formed.

Casamania's leaf system
this Casamania leaf curtain system was mad funky
light by Arne Jacobsen
Royal Lamp (it’s not really that good!) by renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen.
Donna Wilson's cute fox-animal-thing
very nice raccoon-fox-rabbit by Donna Wilson found at Thorsten Van Elten’s stand

cool lights by Mixko - they also had a traffic bollard!

ice cream light by Mixko
skull light by Mixko
Colin O'Dowd's pulse coat racks
dope pulse coat racks from Colin O’Dowd

Japan had its own section and was killing it as usual with new hoovers and board games, super-efficient office chairs and wooden calculators. The nonsensical lightbulbs were the highlight though:

weird lightbulbs by 100%
by 100%

expo-goers vented their angers on the ‘100% Thought Wall’

the '100% Thought Wall'

So many chairs.

So many lights.

So much wallpaper.

100% Design - game over.

100% thanks!


100% Design

4 Responses to “#022: 100% Design 2007”

  1. digs Says:

    man that was like 200% an ill report tim! i bet even better than all those other design reporter cats on the web haha!

    yeah loving those lightbulbs - check out their website - they do a nice watch! but i swear you cant buy it ANYWWHERE… + the japanese always kill it, word up.

    wish i could have made it man - instead i was laying a concrete floor!@£@@@$ so i am knackered now!

    damn that was one ill report - still trying to take it all in - that FOX IS ILLLLLL.

    i had a pint with the guy from JAM once - nice bloke, check out there other stuff too.

    PEACE - uni starts tomorrow and cinema 4d is making my brain hurt!


  2. James Clark Says:

    Hey Tim,

    this show looks like it was pretty cool, love those lightbulbs!

    probs see you in Cardiff sometime soon when i come visit Alex again.


  3. Marylou Zuzarte Says:

    where can I purchase this coat hanger - dope pulse coat racks from Colin O’Dowd?

  4. yoyopo Says:

    you can find the ‘beat’ coat rack by Colin O’Dowd at a few places online -



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