#023: London Zoo 1965

Wow. Look what we found… flicks from 1960s London Zoo. Check - it - out!

London Zoo 1965: polar bear
A polar bear a long way from home! Chilling on bear mountain.
London Zoo 1965: brown bear
Is this the equivalent of an albino polar bear?! They only have sloth bears here nowadays.
London Zoo 1965: penguins
Penguins on the beach… they lived in Berthold Lubetkin’s crazy reinforced-concrete slide-filled modernist enclosure until they were recently relocated to a more natural pool (post-modernist).
London Zoo 1965:
sleepy lion

London Zoo 1965:

London Zoo 1965:
The elephants used to live in a big concrete castle until they were moved to Whipsnade Zoo in 2001. Their castle has since been overrun by pygmy hippos (the mini ones) and camels.
London Zoo 1965:
Wow a rhino! They are now pretty rare so you won’t be seeing any at London Zoo. Giraffes live in that bit now and they can actually see over that little fence.

Some zoos get a bad reputation but many do valuble conservation work. Plus London Zoo has Camels, Llamas and Alpacas so nuff said!

London Zoo 1965:
Not London Zoo but the legend behind the lens, Bill Hoppett (and a swish ride)

London and Whipsnade Zoos
More on the penguin pool

4 Responses to “#023: London Zoo 1965”

  1. digs Says:

    yeah - are these scans of the slides - where d’you do them - i’ve been scannin some 35mm hit up the blog son yeah!

    ZOO - he has a sweet ride!

  2. Kala Patterson Says:

    I love polar bears they are the best animals in the world:)

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