#040: Roman Signer exploded

Roman Signer is a Swiss artist and a very explosive one at that…

Roman Signer - 'Explosion' 1982
‘Explosion’ 1982

Since the 1970s Signer has been creating “action sculptures” (basically blowing stuff up) and generally just riding around in kayaks, attaching his hat to rockets, propelling umbrellas into ceilings and manipulating lightning balls.

“Two oil barrels are placed fairly close together on the grass. I stand on one of the barrels and wait for ignition. Suddenly the lid of the other barrel shoots into the air (about five to six metres). I jump into the empty barrel at this point. I am protected by a crash helmet for this action.”

Roman Signer - 'Actions in Graz' 1987
‘Actions in Graz’ 1987

Oh, and ‘catching’ helicopters…

Roman Signer - 'Helicopter' 1994
‘Helicopter’ 1994

If these crazy spasms interest you then check out the book Roman Signer by Gerhard Mack, Paula van den Bosch & Jeremy Millar. It includes a bunch of interviews with the artist and loads of his work (of course) including my favourite, the flying bike…

Roman Signer - 'Bicycle' 1991
‘Bicycle’ 1991

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