#007: Pase Rock vs. Lindsay Lohan

Pase Rock - Lindsay Lohan's Revenge

This may be a bit late but it’s still funny.

The Pase Rock (the emcee formerly known as Pase Rock) has a new single out called Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge. Straying from his previous work with Five Deez and Nujabes, this track is in the hip-hop-rave style of his recent collaborator / tour buddy Spank Rock.

“why you showin them coochie lips, gettin up out your car, paparazzi hangin all around you bitch, you know you a superstar”

It’s part diss, part tribute to the drunken antics of the title’s heroine. Peep it.

Pase Rock (feat. Amanda Blank, Santogold and Spank Rock production) - Lindsay Lohan’s Revenge:

Pase Rock on Myspace
Spank Rock on Myspace
Stella McCartney (uses the track for her new fashion line)

2 Responses to “#007: Pase Rock vs. Lindsay Lohan”

  1. digs86 Says:

    ‘why you showin them coochie lips, you look like a BABY RAT’

    haha - wtf is this s••t charles, man… thing is i can actually believe that some fashion cats would marry that to a catwalk show and dig it. NUST.

  2. meloD Says:

    haha pase rock is sucha g.

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