#026: Hydeout Productions: 2nd Collection

Japanese “super-producer” Nujabes’ Hydeout Productions label puts out records left, right and center (well in japan at least). Thus it makes sense that every now and then they release a compilation of all those hard to find remixes, 12"-only tracks and a few unreleased tunes to keep everyone up to date.

So after the First Collection came out in 2003 we were wondering when the next one would drop and here it is: 2nd Collection.

Hydeout Productions: 2nd Collection

The compilation opens with a couple of the Nujabes tunes that you will find scattered throughout, before winding through a few other areas.

It contains a few cheeky filler tracks; a ‘Modal Soul Remix’ of Shing02’s ‘Luv (sic)’, which is already a three-part saga, as well as ‘Another Reflection’, which does a cut-and-paste job on the drums to create a sister-track to ‘Reflection Eternal’ (the YouTube anime geeks’ favourite) off Nujabes’ 2003 album Modal Soul. Although these tracks are cool maybe something a bit newer would have been nice.

The collection also includes a remix of Pase Rock’s ‘The Old Light’, which can already be found on his Bullshit As Usual album from 2003. This may disappoint some fans, especially when there’s a distinct lack of any new Jemapur tracks, a young jedi on the boards whose recent Hydeout album really left us wanting more! (read our review here)

This is somewhat made up for by the introduction of previously-unsigned newcomer Emancipator - his track ‘With Rainy Eyes’ showing some real promise. The inclusion of a track by this dude hopefully implies further releases. As does the utterly lovely Uyama Hiroto joints on here, one of which ‘Waltz for Life Will Born’ is amazing and worth picking this up for if you missed out on the recent 12".

Another recent 12" you might have missed is featured here - the b-side Nujabes remix of ‘Winter Lane’ by guitarist/DJ/producer DSK. The original is nice enough (maybe nicer?) without Nujabes’ input but this is still a worthy inclusion.

The highlight of the album however has to be the collaboration with sweet Japanese pop band Clammbon on the track ‘Imaginary Folklore’ (a remix of ‘Folklore’ from their ‘Imagination’ album). Typically orchestral production from Nujabes is matched beautifully with some ethereal vocals and a chorus that is actually choral. Really wonderful.

Oh yeah and there’s a track featuring CL Smooth!

As an indicator of where Nujabes is heading at the moment, there is a definite use of more vocal samples in his work and the final track ‘Hanabi (Listen To My Beats)’ has some interesting fireworks background atmosphere going on to really evoke the mood of the Hanabi festivals.

Nujabes definitely has his ear to the ground at the moment, as evidenced by his recent signings of two talented 19 year-olds: Shizouka-based Jemapur and New York-based Emancipator (place your bets now on his album Soon It Will be Cold Enough getting a Hydeout re-release).

As a fan of Nujabes and all he does, you start to wonder if he will ever drastically change it up and do something really different (apart from jazz and erm… jazz) but then you realise that you actually don’t care because it’s all so lovely. If you are already fan and are craving more then definitely pick this up. If not then go for one of Nujabes’ albums - Metaphorical Music or Modal Soul - to get you into the groove.

Bring on the third collection with the beats!

Hydeout Productions: 2nd Collection
Hydeout Productions
Nujabes on Myspace
Nujabes - Modal Soul
DSK - Winter Lane 12"
Uyama Hiroto - Waltz For Life Will Born 12"

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