#036: ONEDOTZERO a/v departures

ONEDOTZERO a/v departures: live cinema triple bill
the light surgeons + d-fuse + hexstatic
[ 2045.15.11.08 @ BFI IMAX London ]

exclusive reportage from our secret correspondant
[+ pics by sal of CF]

the light surgeons present true fictions / new adventures in folklore

onedotzero a/v departures : The Light Surgeons

“a visual and musical essay on how places take their identity from the collective narratives and histories of people and city. exploring truth and myth through the voices and musical collaborations of upstate new yorkers in troy, home to uncle sam.” - avfolklore.blogspot.com

onedotzero a/v departures : The Light Surgeons

“…a kind of documentary – albeit one that you are unlikely to have seen the likes of before… dazzling fusion of film, digital art, photography and music” - the guardian

d-fuse present surface

onedotzero a/v departures : d-fuse

“created for the onedotzero / british council project re-imagining the city. this moving image odyssey captures the essence of urban expansion in ten cities in asia, visually exploring this transforming region in a vital and extraordinary work.”- dfuse.com

onedotzero a/v departures : d-fuse

“breaking down the core of a city is the passion for d-fuse and onedotzero… rogues in the creative field with means to express their creative energy” - bangkok post

hexstatic / retrospective remix

Couldn’t grab a pic of the hexstatic set because I couldn’t refrain my hands from tappin … so you’ll have to make do with their ‘Pulse’ video:

“leading lights in the world where beats and pictures meet, instrumental in pushing technology forward. quite frankly you’ll be too busy enjoying hexstatic’s perfectly synched mash up of can’t-stand-still beats and laugh out loud clips.” - big chill


the light surgeons set was seriously cool - they had a MAD amount of kit laid out on the tables down at the front: infrared cams everywhere, a live musician on guitar and keyboard, some traditional video x fading and live sampling… t’was the BUSINESS - although some say it went on for aaages -> the longer the better imo - the drum line mixing was sick… the whole fact that they were making a live amalgamation of music + the video’s audio tracks WHILST all being thematically constructed was too ill. one fat live mash up with context -> its what VJing is all about and I think they did it fantastically.

the way they used the screen [three main projections/two slide projectors at each end/one 16mm] was an approach… which worked well… [I'm not sure how the hell I would organize media to fill a screen that big] but I think that the screen offered a lot more possibilities than they explored. but hey it was wicked anyway.

one thing that must be said about the screen is that dfuse absolutely KILLED IT! - their current-urban-situation-in-the-east theme was powerful and carefully selected.

similar to Koyaanisqatsi [high speed nature vs. man footage put to a phillip glass soundtrack for about 2 hours, filming people going up escalators with overcranked film etc - a sonic documentary of the western world during the 80’s.] dfuse’s ’surface’ is about detailing the East - looking at the asian urban situation in 2008 - from an outsider’s view, but with insider’s knowledge [gained from collaborating with local artists].

mate! their footage looked like it had been shot with super super hi def kit which made the whole set sing on that screen - I mean it was an astounding difference from the surgeons definition. but seriously -> being completely engulfed by a multitude of urban scenes with all the minutiae visible was simply an amazing experience. the set did feel a tad short [no doubt because of the length of the previous set].

however, on the flip side was hexstatic, where all the visuals [bar pulse and the onedotzero plug stuff] were seriously suffering from being blown up so big from their original format that it was like watching photocopied video, which looked quite insane at some points especially during timber - mahoosive pixels! a few technical hitches on hexstatic’s side meant that the whole night ended a bit abruptly - which was a real shame, but with all the equipment, sockets, cables to deal with it’s bound to happen to everyone at some point. that reminds me how ill the surgeons were at keeping it all together - there was one lil snag [wrong video/audio clip played or something] but with the nature of their VJing - you can probably get away with quite a lot as there is usually so much going on.

hexstatic killed it with the musical beats but not really on the video side. in the end -> the dfuse IMAX version of surface and the light surgeon’s U.S. documentary sets were the best - better tailored for the nature of the imax setting. hexstatic rocked the place as always - but when you can’t move it’s like damn!@%

The Light Surgeons
CF crew
Hexstatic - Timber

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  1. Chris Allen Says:

    we’re hoping to release TRUE FICTIONS as a DVD next year so keep your eye’s peeled for that!

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