#037: The Fragmented Orchestra

A live musical collage project, The Fragmented Orchestra is the sound-scape created when live music at locations across the UK are combined simultaneously. Sounds from London to Cardiff, Cornwall and Glasgow are collated as 24 sites feed a collective sound over 24 hours.

The Fragmented Orchestra - neuron map

Imagined as brain cells, each site (or ‘neuron’) is sampled when particular frequencies are detected. The audio sample is then processed at the central hub at FACT in Liverpool (the ‘virtual cortex’) before being relayed out to all the sites. The premise is that each individual neuron can work with the interactions from all the others in order to create a combined musical organism.

All of the sites have constant audio monitoring, so that you can listen in to any ambient background noises. On Saturday 21st February live music events took place at all of the sites as the experiment took place. Live audio feeds and a visual ‘neural spike’ graph updated online in realtime. Visit their website to read more, listen and be confused » The Fragmented Orchestra

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  1. digs Says:

    that is …amazing - is all about swarm knowledge these days - people acting individually whilst connected to the net ….combining to form a whole….


    web 3.0 - 4.0 will be insane….. future generations will be born connected <– that is some surreal ish.

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