#038: Madvillain Madness

Last week the internets were hit with the latest offering of album cover ‘ReVisions’ from graphic artist Joe Buck. After ‘covering’ Q-Tip, Kanye West, the late J Dilla and Barack Obama amongst others, the Madvillain project from supreme producer Madlib and masked emcee MF Doom got the treatment.

Madvillain Madness
the original cover vs. Joe Buck’s remix

This time however, the album cover revision was accompanied by aural revisions from Damu the Fudgemunk (Y-Society / youtube / hip hop producer legend who we interviewed back in the day).

To put it all into context before you hear (and see) Damu’s remix, just have a listen to the original track ‘Meat Grinder’ from the Madvillainy album…

Madvillain / Meat Grinder :

…and Damu’s Beat Grinder mix!

Visit Damu’s blog to read about the project and download a zip containing juicy video and audio remix treats. Future audio/visual album ReVisions will also be appearing soon so keep an eye out!

AND all this just a few months after Stones Throw released Madvillainy 2 - a remix of the entire original album (plus a few extras) created by Madlib just because he was bored!

So, just in case you haven’t checked it yet here’s Madlib’s remix of Meat Grinder re-interpreted as ‘Heat Niner’ from Madvillainy 2 … FIRE!

Madvillain (Madlib Remix) / Heat Niner :

Joe Buck’s ReVisions project
Damu’s Wonka Beats blog
Damu on youtube
Stones Throw Records

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