#004: No Days Like Snow Days

Cardiff snowman

If someone asked you ‘what is the best day of the year?’ you would probably say that it’s your birthday or Christmas. Those days are definitely great but probably one of the most interesting times of year is when it snows, especially if you live in a city. Now this all depends on where you live, in which case you may a) be bored of snow because you get it all the time, or b) wish you got any snow at all. But for those of us who still get excited by snow magically falling from the sky, it’s always something to look forward to (even if it’s getting killed as global warming eats up countries in waves of heat).

Snow creates a completely different environment; cars transform into weak, bumbling machines and pedestrians take over the streets. Adults become scared of kids and possible impromptu snowball fights with strangers. Everyone, even the young, turn into pensioners, attempting not to slip at every step forward.

Snow gives you to have a new perspective on life because it visibly adds the element of time to everyday life. You can now see where everyone has already been ahead of you, as footprints in the snow reveal the normally hidden movements of the populous. Suddenly you can see the shortcut across the grass that a few sneaky people must take every day. You can see where children have walked, or played, with their footprints erratically covering the pavement. White trees, grey roads of slush, the marks left by birds, ghostly handprints, the muddy streak where someone must have slipped… suddenly you notice things that you wouldn’t think about before. Maybe you won’t even have to go into work today.

It’s cold but hell, at least that means it’s snowing not raining!

PEACE and enjoy the snow (if and when it comes).

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