#030: Bad People Bad Adverts

been going for a year and we just don’t quit…

In an age when the public’s cash is wooed at every opportunity by increasingly desperate companies, big money commercial brands are more and more important and it seems that for every new brand there’s some poor chump somewhere who has to think up worse and worse advertising ideas.

Keep it simple? No. Let’s use computers wherever possible, even when unnecessary, and spend all our ad revenue on some ridiculous effects when it’s only the background music people remember and hell, hopefully the product.

T-Mobile’s “Flext” advert. If I had a penny for every grammatical error in the title I might actually forget that every time I watch the advert I cringe, feel sick and have to look away. Why make people think they’re going to witness some bloke’s soft body being spread like strawberry jam all over the pavement? Why?! That is HORRIBLE. Utterly deplorable.

Puma and their “speed legs”. What can you say? Why would you want those legs? Ever? This advert is shocking. I actually find it disgusting. What would be wrong with just saying “yo - our new boot is really good!” Maybe people would buy it then but without the nightmares.

Puma - a case of bad advertising

T-Mobile’s “My Faves” advert is one of my least favourite of the past year. This company is the king of in-human advertising. “Okay”, they think, “let’s copy that game Katamari Damacy, no-one’s done that yet have they?” Actually they have.

Look at the dude on the bottom. It’s just wrong. He would be crunching his head on the hard, hard concrete IN PAIN. Right? Right? The roll cam makes me want to throw up and what the hell are these super-back-front-flips. No sense made. None taken.

Maybe this is what they wanted. This is just promoting their products after-all. Is blog (anti-) hype is the new currency these days? There are some companies, however, that manage to consistently make advertisements that are just nice.

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