#032: Five Japan Adverts Best Now!

5. Softbank

Ah, the typical Japanese family. Having a son of a different race isn’t strange though when the father is a dog and the uncle is… well you’ll see!

4. Boss Coffee

Tommy Lee Jones (a.k.a Man Of Steel) is on an Alien Mission to Earth…

3. UFO Nissin Ramen

An ingenious mixture of schoolboys, noodles and Haggar from Final Fight. It’s made of WIN.

2. Fanta

Heavy metal teacher, Bruce Lee teacher, crab attack teacher… Nothing compared to having an invisible teacher.

1. エステー Moth Repellents

So random it’s bearly legal.

Softbank - a rundown of the current Softbank ads with videos and translations!
Tommy Lee Jones’ Alien Mission
UFO Nissin Ramen - more of the Haggar / noodle love-in
Fanta Japan (click ‘TV CM’ to see all the ads)
Esute Air Freshener - fresh!

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