#005: Look Up!

look up at the sky and ponder

Recently I was at the Cardiff Barrage. For those that don’t know it’s a £200,000,000 dam that separates Cardiff Bay from the tidal cycle of the River Severn, thus creating a nature-destroying waste-of-money lake. As you may expect it’s a very desolate place, especially so during the winter when the wind freezes your face off and even the kids’ mini train isn’t running. My reason for being there was actually not very interesting and my experience of the barrage wasn’t very interesting either. Apart from two things. The first is the gateway for boats to enter the bay, which uses a massive weight to lift the road up for the boats to go beneath. I’m boring you I know but I am getting to the point which is actually the second point of interest, only indirectly related to the barrage.

While I was there I looked up at the sky and deep into the clouds, far away on a high cruise was a large aeroplane. But it was flanked by 5 jet fighters! And you have to wonder… what is going on? Are we at war and I haven’t noticed yet? Maybe Mr Blair is on his way to Ireland? Top Gun!? No way could it be a training exercise, that is way too boring.

This sort of situation sparks the most amount of interest for me. My inquisitive side would love to know what is the cause of such an unusual sight, yet I will never know.

The same feeling occurs when you see a police car speeding down the street or when you see an amazing magic trick that you will never decipher.

A lot of things happen in the sky. I think the best things I like to see when I look up are:

1) snow
2) hot air balloons
3) birds flying slowly
4) normal balloons
5) helicopters

Not to mention what are perhaps one of the most inspiring aspects of the sky. Stars. Planets. The pure vastness of space. What goes on there? How far away is it?

In this busy world how often can you sit down and appreciate something with such a so slow pace? When I lose focus I look up for inspiration. The sky is the limit.

By YoYoPo

Cardiff Bay Barrage on Wikipedia
an unfinished Cardiff Bay Barrage on Live Maps
look up at the sky on Flickr

2 Responses to “#005: Look Up!”

  1. meloD Says:

    where was this pic taken?

  2. yoyopo Says:

    took this pic at some small town in Italy last summer, got a bunch of cool pics from that trip might put em up sometime. peace.

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