#028: My Heart’s Felt Apology

I am sorry for your dependence.

Before death you will never know my colour although you already understand my character.

Our relationship becomes obvious when I push against your skin from below.

I am your machine but I can be neither moved nor mastered.

Our history is hereditary.

I wheeze while you are sleeping.

There has been no attraction yet, at least not mutual, although I don’t believe that is my department.

There are trees within me and a forest provides my privacy.

Underwater is no place for me; the sunlight strokes, sand would choke and water is not nearly thick enough.

They say jugular, I say vehicular.

I am the interchange, not the terminus.

If I break then a separate mind will amend me, but if I am truly broken then it is over.

If you punch and puncture me then I will release my cargo. Red on red.

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